About us

Welcome to Adams & So, a canadian brand crafting vegan leather handbags made to inspire luxury and add a statement touch to any outfit.

The Brand was founded in January 2019 in the beautiful city of Montreal and has grown a tremendous amount over the years thanks to the women who trust the quality of our products.

Our view of Fashion is a mix of European style with a North American touch, a perfect combination for versatility.

As a team that is mostly female, we believe in Women's empowerment through Fashion and we try to reflect this in each of our actions.

As a Black-owned Brand, we support diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business.

As a vegan Brand, our products are crafted with high-quality materials that are free from any animal-derived components, making them a conscious and compassionate choice.

We are proud members of the Noissue Eco-packaging Alliance that contributes to Global Reforestation by planting trees in areas of need.

We are committed to have a brand that makes a positive impact on the World. When you choose our products, you are making a choice that supports ethical fashion and promotes a more sustainable future.

We aim to create handbags that are connected to every woman lifestyle and wardrobe, one handbag at the time !

We take pride in the quality of our products

All our handbags are designed in Montreal with an obsessive attention to details.
Our handbags are made with the highest quality of Microfiber leather and are manufactured in our factory overseas. Over the years we have built a solid personal relationship with our suppliers to ensure not only quality standard but also integrity in our production.

Each bag is designed to be stylish, functional, and durable, so you can feel confident in using it daily while keeping your ethical values intact. We offer a variety of designs that cater to all tastes and preferences, from classic and timeless styles to bold and trendy options.

Behind the Brand vision

Frustrated by the lack of quality in synthetic leather handbags and the high price of designers handbags in her city, Sonia Aicha, founder of Adams & So decided it was time to bring more options into the market for women who care about quality, love stylish handbags and want a varied collection of bags without having to break the bank; that is why she launched the Brand.

People sometimes ask her what is the meaning of Adams & So and to that she answers:

"My mom's name is Adama but my dad has always called her Adams and growing up I have always liked her nickname. My mom is my greatest source of inspiration and support when it comes to entrepreneurship; I wanted to reflect this in my Brand name. And obviously So stands for my own name, Sonia. My family and close friends call me Soso or So, that's my little nickname. "

Sonia is a style enthusiast and a passionate woman who was inspired by her multicutural heritage and her deep desire to share her obsession for quality, feminine and timeless handbags designed to complement any outfit. Why? Because every woman deserves to have handbags that inspire luxury. Yes, You deserve it!

Our head office is located in Montreal and we ship internationally through our online store to the USA, UK, Australia, some countries in Africa and to the EU countries.

We are here for YOU so feel free to email us at any time by simply filling out our Contact Form or contact us directly at info@adamsandso.com

you can also call us at 1-888-515-4585 * Toll free

Customer Service Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 7 pm (EST)

Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm (EST)

We are just an email away !

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As a small company, we do not mass produce. Our handbags are put back in stock according to the production capacities of our team and the materials availibities.

We do our best to restock every handbag as soon as we can.

Yes to selected countries.

We offer international shipping in The US, The UK and in most countries of EU. Please note that you might have to pay customs taxes and duties once the parcel reach your country. These fees are out of our control.

We invite you to contact us to verify if we can ship to your country before placing your order.