All of our handbags are crafted with an obsessive attention to details. Each bag is made of soft and delicate microfiber leather, synthetic velvet lining and customized hardware. Microfiber leather is the highest quality grade of synthetic leather, an ethical and animal friendly choice to consciously express our view of Fashion.

In order to preserve the quality and the beauty of your handbag it is important that you be careful about what you put in it, how you use it and how you store it.

One of the most frequent cause of stains and odours are items like makeup and snacks so we highly recommend that you always store these items in a special pouch inside your bag. 

To remove smells from your handbag, you can place a small charcoal bag in your handbag for couple days. It naturally eliminates odors. You can purchase charcoal bags on Amazon.

Another way to remove smells from your handbag is to place a small bowl of Baking soda near your bag. Baking soda neutralizes and absorbs odors, like it does in the refrigerator. Replace baking soda often until the smell has dissipated.

To preserve your handbag appearance, you should also keep it dry and avoid direct sunlight as too much or regular exposure to sunlight can ruin your handbag look and make it crack.

Should your handbag become wet, let dry and wipe gently with a soft non-abrasive, neutral-colored cloth. To remove surface dirt and fingerprints, simply wipe with a soft cloth moistened with a small amount of warm water and allow to air dry completely. Then gently wipe the surface with a dry non-abrasive cloth.

Always test on a small portion of the bag first, like the  strap if possible. Make sure there is no discolouration before applying to the actual surface.

In case of stains, mix water with a small amount of mild dish soap or natural soap and gently wash the stain by hand using a soft non-abrasive, neutral-colored cloth (microfibre cloth). If the stain is not coming out, try using a mixture of water with a small amount of vinegar instead. Always test the mixture on a small portion of the bag first, like the  strap if possible. Make sure there is no discolouration before applying the mixture to the actual stain. Don't forget to let your handbag air dry completely to avoid mould and bacteria growth in the surface.

In addition to keeping your handbag clean and protected from the sun, we also recommend that you avoid overloading your bag with heavier items as putting a handbag under constant weigh pressure can lead to damage.

Note that proper storage is also essential. When not in use, store your handbag in its protective dust bag in a cool and dry place. Store it either upright or laying flat. Don't hang your bag to store it as hanging your bag by its strap can cause pressure.

We suggest that you fill your handbag with tissue paper or neutral-colored clothes to help it maintain its shape. Avoid stacking your handbags on top of each other because this can lead to scratches from hardwares like zipper pulls. Make sure to keep a certain distance between your bags to avoid any possible transfer of colours.

We also recommend that you store the strap inside the bag to reduce risk of marks.

Be careful when you wear dark clothing or jeans as some clothing can cause colour transfer on handbags.

Note that it is characteristic of microfiber leather to lose its shine over time. However The Adams & So bag has been designed to last you many years if you care for it well.

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